Study in Australia

Primarily depending on the institution and level of study undertaken, the studying costs in Australia is highly dynamic. With 7 Australian universities in the list of 100 best universities in the world, Australia has marked a remarkable spot in the global education.

Being a most desired education destination for international students, Australia is a hub for individuals who want to study abroad. Australian education is highly valued and recognised, with more than 200,000 overseas students choosing to study in the Australian universities. With a lot of support, the Ministry of Education regularly inspects all the private and public facilities for academics. Moreover, the education providers are strictly required to focus on practical training complying with the national academic standards.

Apart from the quality of the education, the biggest advantage of studying in Australia is that the international students can legally work on their student visa. This allows them to meet the high standards of living with ease. With a blend of cultural diversity, world-class infrastructure, top universities in the world, recognised programs and healthy lifestyle – Australia has everything a student can dream of.

Who Can Apply

The Student Visa is designed for students who are willing to undertake education in Australia under the following courses of study,

• Bachelor degree
• Graduate certificate
• Graduate diploma
• Associate degree
• Master degree

Various Streams for Student Visa

As per the situations and circumstances, the applicants can choose from the following streams to study in Australia.

• Student visa (subclass 500)
• Student Guardian visa (subclass 590)
• Training visa (subclass 407)
• Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485)
• Visitor Visa – For short term courses

At GHEG, our consulting team has all the prior knowledge of all the Australian universities and requirements of international students. Our team can co-relate with the individual requirements easily and can help with proper advice, ranging from course selection to applying for the student visa. With result-oriented services, we provide the best options in migration services for students. Moreover, our working policy ensures that we are updated with the latest changes and development in the immigration processes.

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