About Global Higher Education Group

Global Higher Education Group (GHEG) is a group of incredibly passionate Registered Migration and Education Consultants. Our head office based in Melbourne. We aim to assist students from Asian and South East Asian countries. Global Higher Education Group (GHEG) is a professional consultation service provider in area of migration and education and provides professional counselling and information to international students. GHEG wish to provide its services to thousands of students across a globe.

GHEG has quickly grown into one of the most renowned and recognized migration and education consultancies across the world. Our expert team of professional always ready to help students to get enrollment in their desired field of education. We assist students to complete their basic education in India or other Asian Countries and create a pathway to those students to complete their higher education in Advance Developed Countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore etc.,

Our realistic approach to address client’s needs and demands is the commitment we have with educational institutions which make us reputable education agent. GHEG is ready to recognize the developing desire of scholars who wanted to pursue their studies in a multicultural nations like USA, UK, CANADA, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. GHEG recognizes their needs and has been committed to guide students on the right track to meet their requirements.

We at GHEG believe in pursuing student’s dream in the best manner by maximum utilization of the resources. We provide guidance to each and every student personally since the inception of their dream till its attainment by imparting best of the services and rendering them with the minutest detail in their journey, solving queries, clearing hindrances for the attainment of the goals. GHEG always focuses on the fact to show correct path to the candidates by acting as a bridge between the candidates and their dreams.

GHEG aspire in simplifying the process of the idea of living, working and visiting anywhere outside your home country. Millions across the globe take a step back because of the complications and formalities involved in the migration process. We wish to render our expertise knowledge, skills and information. GHEG has a strong vision of setting a highest benchmark in its work area by making its clientele’s journey smooth and stress-free.